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Advanced Sales Strategies

Innovative Concepts for Individual & Business Planning

Business Markets Expertise

Navigate business planning with ease using concepts like Buy/Sell Agreements, Key Person Plans, Employee Benefit/Executive Bonus Plans, and Qualified Life Insurance Strategies. Our dedicated life marketing consultant team is here to guide you through advanced case design and implementation.

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Advanced Strategies Team

From Wealth Transfer and Estate Planning to Annuity Maximization and Charitable Giving, ECA Marketing’s marketing consultant team equips you with a range of individual and business planning concepts. Explore Premium Financing, Structured Optimized Life Insurance, and Supplemental Retirement Income solutions.

Advanced Concepts

Asset Based Long Term Care

Offer a win/win/win solution for long-term care needs by utilizing asset-based long-term care strategies.

The Amped Solution

Supercharge your portfolio with our Amped Solution, a revolutionary approach to life insurance that amplifies benefits and returns. Proprietary IUL Strategy That Gives You a Competitive Advantage.

Qualified Distribution Solution

A tax reduction strategy for business owner clients with large qualified plan savings. Learn how qualified life insurance can provide your clients with a strategic tax reduction on their tax deferred savings and convert their taxable asset into a tax free asset.

Tax-Free Income Planning

Guide your clients towards tax-free income planning strategies, ensuring financial security and peace of mind.

Captive Insurance Companies

Explore the benefits of captive insurance companies for customized risk management solutions, and tax savings.

College Planning

Secure your clients' financial future by incorporating college planning into your portfolio, ensuring education expenses are covered.

Executive Bonus Plans

Elevate executive compensation planning with our Executive Bonus Plans, attracting and retaining top talent.

Infinite Banking

Unleash the power of Infinite Banking, transforming life insurance into a versatile financial tool for wealth accumulation and management.

Life Insurance Settlements

Leverage life insurance settlements to maximize the value of life insurance policies…when they are no longer wanted or needed.

BOLI - Bank Owned Life Insurance

Turn your banking relationships into high premium life insurance opportunities.

The Kaizen Plan

Stay ahead of the curve with the Kaizen Plan, a dynamic strategy designed for tax free income and growth.