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Licensing & Contracting

Streamline Processes & Secure Agreements with Effective Contracting Solutions

Getting contracted with ECA Marketing is a producer's first step towards a long and fruitful relationship with ECA

Representing 60+ Annuity and 40+ Life Insurance carriers, we have the products you want to sell. Our Contracting Department is dedicated to helping you understand carrier requirements and assist you with your contracting and licensing needs.

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Get Started with ECA

1. Create an account or login using the "Portal" tab at the top right.
If creating a new account, an ECA employee must approve the account before you may login.

2. Once signed in, hover over the "Contracting" tab, and then click "SureLC Electronic Contracting".
Alternatively, you can click on the Contracting tab to access both SureLC Electronic Contracting, paper forms via the "Non-SureLC Contracts" section, and more.

3. Insert your information to create your online contracting account (you'll only need to do this once).

Person filling out a contract
Advantages of Online Contracting
Fast. Easy. Accurate.

ECA is now using SureLC for online contracting and licensing. SureLC’s intelligent and fluid user interface allows you to complete your profile and start submitting contracting requests in as little as 10 minutes.

Just follow the "Get Started..." instructions above to get started!