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Annuity Check Seminar System

​AnnuityCheck is an all-encompassing tool to help you gain complete control over your selling process. There are three pillars of our software: The Snapshot Tool, the Illustration Tool, and the turn-key AnnuityCheck Seminar program. All three are designed to help you to maximize your close rate while minimizing your costs and slippage.
  • Proven Seminar Invitations
  • Integrated RSVP System
  • Full-Feature Animated PowerPoint Presentation
  • 24 Page "Death-by 1,000 Cuts" Full-Color Workbooks
  • Access to Annuity Check Phone Apps
  • !-Click, integrated registration and appointment cards
  • Complete CRM for tracking
  • Exclusive access to Annuity Check software to run snapshots and illustrations on products - advanced case design in seconds
  • Case overview from your internal marketing team 

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