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Quantum Marketing

Quantum Marketing System™ is a synergy of five key pillars including: Achievement Psychology, Joint Ventures, Direct Response Marketing, the Pareto Principle and a proven Sales Process aligned with the way people make buying decisions.

​The Quantum Marketing system includes several unique elements:
  • Quantum Marketing University – 2 Day Workshop and Coaching Program
  • Accelerator – Joint Ventures 101 - Client Acquisition System/Remote Term Selling Model
  • Authority – Accelerating The Speed of Trust - Agent Reputation Builder
  • The Distribution Solution - The Key to Unlocking High Ticket Opportunities with the Business Owner Market
  • High Ticket Life Sales - Joint Venture Program Featuring Highly Differentiated Solutions for the Business Owner Market
  • Quantum Marketing Radio – The Podcast For Advanced Life Insurance Agents
          Coming soon:
  • The Ultimate CPA Joint Venture Formula
  • Selling Secrets of The World’s Greatest Life Insurance Salesman
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How is it possible to grow your business exponentially on a shoestring budget, when so many others struggle to just stay afloat?
To answer that question, let me tell you a quick story about who I am and how the Quantum Marketing System came about. I entered the industry 20+ years ago as a P&C agent (after a little discouragement from my father, who did not like the industry despite being a very successful P&C agent). During much of my career, I have been obsessed with finding effective ways to grow my own business, and helping other agents grow their business. More precisely, helping agents to discover and leverage hidden assets in their business with the goal of unleashing rapid growth. So to answer the question, we were able to find a formula that produces compounded growth (when applied correctly) after several years of field testing. We tested a variety of different leveraged strategies and tactics (some successfully utilized in other industries), that had not been tried or utilized effectively in the financial services industry.

What's the Problem?
Over the years, the challenge that was repeatedly voiced to me by agents, is they really want to rapidly grow their business, but don't have enough qualified prospects, know how to find them, or they don't have the budget to do mass media advertising like radio, TV, newspaper, magazine or large scale direct mail. They also lacked the technical expertise to use internet marketing effectively (as if throwing money at the problem or finding some new shiny object of technical wizardry was the solution). They told me that they felt they were stuck between a rock and a hard place, without the budget to advertise, they were not sure what to do in order to reach their goals. So many just kept searching for the "magic bullet", bouncing from one marketing idea and IMO to the next, never finding the solution they sought. (Sound Familiar?)

Why is marketing so difficult for so many?
In the industry, it seems there are lots of "magic bullets" flying around, and that keeps everyone on the hunt for the real thing, that special marketing gimmick, tactic, strategy or technology, that really does what it says it will. The problem is most really are more magic than bullet, often requiring you to be something you are not, or to have resources you don't. The conventional training most agents are exposed to, advocate methods that teach you to find one prospect at a time (like fishing with a single fishing rod). Our approach helps you to create multiple self-replenishing pipelines of prospects (like fishing with multiple Alaskan Fishing Boats - using nets), but without the up front risk or cost of radio, direct mail, newspaper or magazine advertising. Because we don't have the up front risk and cost, our method is infinitely and rapidly scalable. This makes the typical barriers to rapid growth like lack of sufficient capital - irrelevant.

It may not be rocket science, but here is what this system can do for you.
In researching ways to solve these issues and scale a practice quickly, without a large up front expenditure, extensive internet marketing expertise, or other difficult to acquire skill set, I embarked on a mission to identify strategies, tactics, and systems that utilized the typical agent's existing skills, resources and time (sweat equity) to solve the problem of an unpredictable, or empty pipeline (or at least devoid of qualified prospects). What resulted is a system that combines several pillars of proven strategies and tactics that allow virtually any agent, of any level of experience or knowledge in the industry to experience massive growth in their sales. All the while reducing or eliminating up front marketing costs and risk, shortening the sales cycle, rapidly gaining trust, working with your ideal clients, earning more commission per client, while maximizing the amount of time you spend doing what you do best and enjoy the most.

"Quantum Marketing System revolves around an obsession with discovering proven marketing strategies and tactics that maximize your results with the least amount of input and effort".
We relentlessly apply the Pareto Principle to all aspects of sales and marketing in order to achieve 'Positive Leverage' (Positive Leverage is a marketing idea that we can create unlimited upside potential without any downside risk).  Quantum Marketing System's sales and marketing training programs, strategies and tactics are designed to help you optimize and exponentially scale your business! We will show you how to build sustainable pipelines of your perfect prospects, with ZERO up front marketing cost."

Jeffrey Thompson
Developer of Quantum Marketing System
PAxJVxDRxASxPP = Exponential Growth

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