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Game Changer Academy

Jonathan Lee, the creator of Game Changer Academy is a much-respected financial expert. Having visited more than 40 different sales offices nationwide has enabled him to gain a deep understanding of what works and what doesn't.​ Jonathan shares with GCA members insights into how he runs $40MM annuity and $4MM life practice — with $9MM in gross revenue a year.

Everyone that joins the Program is going to get something BIG - whether it's the marketing, calculators and software's, or the unique insurance strategies.  After attending a GCA training, participants will have direct access to Jonathan Lee, as well as access to an online library with hundreds of hours of advanced training for you and your staff.

​This program was built for those who really want to take their business to the next level — Whether it's incorporating new lines of insurance business for renewal and retirement income, bringing in a junior advisor or mentee to grow your practice, or develop an exit and succession plan.

For a quick look into the GCA program, click on the video below:

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