Fund College

ECA Marketing is proud to announce its partnership with FundCollege.  FundCollege is a platform that can help you with your client’s college funding needs by providing Guaranteed College Scholarships and by increasing your life sales up to 300%. FundCollege has the expertise that can provide you with client leads and presentation solutions. Plus, case design and industry leading support from the largest, independent life insurance distribution network in the country.

Why FundCollege?
ECA Marketing is a provider of SAGE Scholars Tuition Rewards™ program combining Tuition Reward™ points with all Permanent Life Insurance Products.  With this program, FundCollege, agents with ECA Marketing will now have the opportunity to offer their clients these guaranteed free college scholarship points

Who is SAGE Scholars?
SAGE Scholars brings together families, colleges & universities, and investment companies to create college funding solutions.  SAGE Scholars is an educational Marketing Organization that was formed in 1995 by the former Dean of Admissions at Wharton for the purpose of providing private education at a more affordable price. SAGE Scholars has created Tuition Rewards™, which is a program developed to help families pay for their loved one’s college tuition.

 What are Tuition Rewards™?
Tuition Rewards™ is a unique private college savings program.  Tuition Reward™ points are accumulated and banked just like frequent flyer miles, but they are used for discounts on college tuition at all of the participating universities. Each point earned is equal to a $1.00 credit to be accumulated in the client’s Tuition Rewards™ account. These points are good at any one of the student’s choice of the member universities, for a maximum of one full year’s tuition to be divided over the four years that student is in attendance at the university.

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